Criminal Law

Allan J. Crawford

Allan J. Crawford
Barrister & Solicitor
208, 9804 100 Avenue
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V 0T8

Phone: 1-780-380-0930
Fax: 780-402-7791


Allan has over twenty years of experience as a criminal lawyer. He has dealt with a complete spectrum of charges all the way from minor assaults to second degree murder. At the present time his practice focuses primarily on a mid-range of criminal matters but he is available for consultation and advice on anything in the Criminal Code.

Allan is available to act for you on bail hearings, changes to release conditions, consultations, sentencing and trials. To obtain a quote for legal services just click on Request for Quote.


A general outline of fees is as follows:

1. Go on the record whether to set a trial date or settle your file with the Crown Prosecutor:  $1000.00

2. Sentencing $1500.00 to $2500.00 depending on seriousness of charges and amount of material to be presented.

3. Trials: Usually $2500.00 to $6500.00 depending on the complexity of the case and length of trial.

4. Will do legal aid on most criminal charges.

5. Pro bono work done in certain situations:  mainly when the Crown is simply not being fair and the person just does not have any money (such as a student who has no criminal record).